What is Socialtrait all about?

Socialtrait is a tool that uses AI to predict the outcome of your ideas, concepts or campaigns before you post them live. Its unique competence is predicting human behaviour in a social context, facilitating deeper market research.

How is different is Socialtrait from traditionational market research?

Socialtrait allows you to perform qualitative research at a large scale and quantify behavioural drivers, which allows marketers to make more confident decisions. The unique target audience generation algorithm defines each AI persona across 50+ demographic, psychographic, and behavioural variables. This capability enables extensive data analysis beyond the initial research parameters, unlike traditional methods, which are often restricted to the variables specified in the screener questionnaire. This approach allows for deeper insights and more dynamic data exploration.

What benefits do I get from using this product?

By using Socialtrait, businesses can realize significant time and cost savings. The platform facilitates the rapid iteration of ideas and strategies, delivering insights in a fraction of the time required by traditional research methods. Additionally, the ability to simulate and analyze a broad spectrum of consumer behaviours at scale allows companies to refine their market strategies more effectively, leading to better-targeted and more successful outcomes.

How do AI Personas know anything about my brand?

Socialtrait leverages state-of-the-art technology, including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), to gather comprehensive knowledge about your brand and your target audience. By analyzing data from various sources, including your business proprietary data, Socialtrait generates actionable insights tailored to your specific needs.

What's the level of accuracy of the results? How can I be confident in it?

Socialtrait's accuracy is continuously refined through rigorous testing and validation processes. We have achieved over 95% accuracy on benchmarks that evaluate brand crisis situations, demonstrating our models' reliability in critical scenarios. Our models are also tested on the OpinionQA Dataset to ensure a high degree of human representativeness. Additionally, real use cases have shown that the ideas and concepts suggested by our AI personas are superior to those generated by other methods. While specific case studies and metrics can provide concrete evidence of our efficacy, our commitment to transparency ensures that you can trust the insights provided by Socialtrait for informed decision-making.

Can Socialtrait help me understand my competitors?

Yes, Socialtrait can offer critical insights into your competitors by analyzing relevant data and simulating how our AI personas perceive them. This information can empower you to refine your own strategies and stay ahead in your market. For example, compare your new digital content with your competitors to understand the reach and effectiveness.

What kind of research work can Socialtrait be used for, and are there any limitations?

Socialtrait is ideal for a wide range of market research applications, including predictive content analysis, precision audience analysis, and deriving insights adhering to local cultural norms and value systems. However, it's important to note that our virtual AI personas simulate consumer interactions based on data and cannot replicate experiences that require physical senses, such as taste or touch. Therefore, Socialtrait may not be suitable for research that relies on sensory or experiential feedback. For all other types of research, especially those requiring deep behavioural analysis, Socialtrait provides robust, scalable, and insightful solutions.

How can I get started with Socialtrait? Is there any trial?

We offer personalized one-on-one demos to demonstrate our predictive analytics platform. During the demo, you can see Socialtrait in action, explore its features in real-time, and discuss how it can be tailored to meet your specific research needs. As a trial, our team can work on a research objective or use case and tailor the demo accordingly.

How much does this cost?

The cost of Socialtrait services is tailored to your specific research needs. Factors such as the number of virtual communities created, the volume of data analyzed, and the complexity of the research outcomes influence pricing. Despite the comprehensive nature of our services, we offer competitive pricing that is a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional market research methods, with faster turnaround times.

How does Socialtrait handle privacy and security of the data I share?

At Socialtrait, we prioritize the privacy and security of your data. Our platform adheres to stringent data protection protocols, ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure at all times. All our client data is stored in MongoDB Atlas Cloud, which has gone through stringent requirements to attain various certifications like HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, PCI, and FedRAMP Moderate for various industry-specific, data locality and security controls and regulations.

How long does it take to receive insights after submitting content for analysis?

Upon submitting your content for analysis, you can generally expect to receive a detailed report encompassing hundreds of data points within one week. This timeframe allows our AI to thoroughly analyze data and simulate multiple community interactions, ensuring comprehensive insights. While traditional market research can take up to a month for similar depth, our AI-driven process significantly accelerates this, delivering results in just a few days. For projects requiring the creation of multiple target audiences or ingesting large quantities of data, additional time may be needed. However, with our upcoming self-service solution, we can offer insights within hours, further enhancing our efficiency and responsiveness.

Can Socialtrait handle a large volume of data?

Yes, Socialtrait can process large volumes of data to provide deeper insights. Whether you're analyzing a single campaign or multiple streams of data, Socialtrait's robust infrastructure can handle your requirements efficiently.

How fresh do you keep the AI model updated with the latest market trends?

Our AI models are continuously updated with new data as it becomes available, using technology that retrieves and integrates current information into the learning process. This ensures that the insights provided are always aligned with the latest market trends, allowing for accurate and timely market analysis.

How is Socialtrait able to fully capture cultural nuances?

Socialtrait’s ability to capture cultural nuances is driven by our sophisticated community generator, which utilizes over 50 parameters to create detailed AI personas. Each persona is crafted to be internally consistent, ensuring that individual characteristics, cultural backgrounds, and behavioural patterns are logically coherent.

Furthermore, within a single community, these personas are designed to mirror or approximate the distribution of the real target audience. This approach enables our AI to simulate nuanced interactions accurately, reflecting true diversity and providing insights that are culturally sensitive and deeply rooted in specific community contexts.

Additionally, we are continually working to refine our methodologies to eliminate global biases, enhancing the cultural authenticity of our simulations.

How is Socialtrait able to capture the unpredictability of human behaviour?

Socialtrait captures the unpredictability of human behaviour through the diversity and extensive number of our AI personas. Each persona represents a unique set of characteristics, ensuring a wide range of potential consumer behaviours and responses. Additionally, our platform supports non-linear interactions involving multiple participants, enabling dynamic and complex exchanges that mirror real-life social interactions. This capability enables our platform to provide insights that anticipate not just common responses but also less predictable reactions.

How can I integrate Socialtrait into my existing marketing tools and workflows?

Currently, Socialtrait is a standalone platform; however, we are actively working on facilitating integration with a variety of marketing tools and systems. We encourage you to tell us your integration needs to help prioritize our development.